Kensaku Watanabe

Career History

Admitted to practice law (Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association)
Joined Tokei Partners (Formerly Okazaki, Ohashi & Maeda)
Graduated from Waseda University Graduate School of Law (Civil Law)
The Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme
Graduated from Waseda University School of Law (LL.B.)

Practice Areas・Major Professional Experiences

Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Information Law, and Litigation

Court-appointed Deputy Trustee in Bankruptcy of Tokiwa Printing Co. Ltd. et al
Outside auditor of T'&D Life Insurance Company
Court-appointed Deputy Trustee in Bankruptcy of Takefuji Corporation
Court-appointed Deputy Trustee in Bankruptcy of SFCG Co., Ltd.
Court-appointed deputy trustee of reorganization (corresponding to Chapter 11 ) of Yamato Life Insurance Corporation
Court-appointed Deputy Trustee of reorganization of Ael Corporation
Lecturer for Consumer Affairs Division, Telecommunication Infrastructure Department, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (Civil Law, Consumer Contracts Law, and Electronic Consumer Contracts Law)
Court-appointed Trustee in Bankruptcy of Heisei Kousoku Tsushin Co, Ltd.
Member of Nippon Professional Baseball Agreement Amendment Committee
Court-appointed Deputy Trustee of the reorganization of Ael Corporation
Court-appointed Representative of the supervisor of Kashimanomori Country Club Co., Ltd. under court-guided rehabilitation
Court-appointed Deputy Trustee of the reorganization of Sato Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Court-appointed Deputy Trustee in Bankruptcy of Tosei Sogo Lease
Court-appointed Adjunct Trustee of the reorganization of Tokyo Mutual Life Insurance Corporation
Court-appointed Representative of the investigation committee for legal responsibility of directors of bankrupt Daihyaku Mutual Life Insurance Corporation
Court-appointed Adjunct Trustee of reorganization of JDC Corporation
Lecturer at the National Tax College (Civil Law)

Major Publications

Shin Kosei Keikaku no Jitsumu to Riron
[Theory and Practice of Reorganization Plan]
Junichi Matsushita and Japanese Association for Business Recovery (2014)

Saiken Satei Seido no Jitsumuteki Kadai to Kaisei Teigen
[Practical Issue of Assessment of Claim in Bankruptcy Proceedings and Proposal of amendment of Bankruptcy Proceedings]
Kensaku Watanabe et al., Financial Law Journal, Vol.1988 (2014)

Tosan Hanrei Index
[Bankruptcy / Reorganization Cases Compilation]
Kensaku Watanabe et al. (2009)

[Bond Managers]
in Kaisyahoutaikei Dainikan Kabushiki Shinkabuyoyakuken Syasai [Treatise of Companies Act Vol.2: Shares, Share Options and Bonds,] Masaharu Ohashi and Kensaku Watanabe (2008)

Darenimowakaru Saiken no Hozen to Kaisyu no Tebiki
[Manual of Credit Protection and Collection for Beginners]
Kensaku Watanabe et al. (2005)

Shinhasanhounojitsumu Q&A
[Practice of New Bankruptcy Law Q&A]
Kensaku Watanabe et al. (2004)

Heiseino Chosakukenhoukaisei
[Copyright Law Revisions Since 1990]
Kensaku Watanabe et al. (2001)

Houtekifunsounosyori to Zeimu
[Handling of Legal Disputes and Tax]
Kensaku Watanabe et al. (2001)


Japan Federation of Bar Associations Legal System of Bankruptcy Reserch Committee

Japanese Association for Business Recovery

Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association Legal Research Institute
– Bankruptcy Law Study Group
– Antitrust Law Study Group
– Sports Law Study Group

Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association Judicial Apprentice Training Committee (2008-2009)