Yuichiro Shimma

Career History

Visiting Professor of Aoyama Gakuin University
Approved as Certified Fraud Examiner
Judicial intern to Chief Judge R.R. Rader in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Admitted to practice law in New York State
Foley & Lardner (Trainee)
Tokei Partners (Partner)
Graduated from Northwestern University School of Law (LL.M.)
Fish & Richardson P.C. (Trainee)
Admitted to practice law (Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association)
Okazaki, Ohashi & Maeda (Associate)
Graduated from Chuo University Faculty of Law (LL.B.)
The Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan

Practice Areas・Major Professional Experiences

Intellectual Property Law, Internet Law, Corporate Law, and Litigation

Examiner of Intellectual Property Management Skills Test
Lecturer at Osaka Institute of Invention and Innovation (Information law)
Speaker at International Corporate Counsels Association (Copyright)
Report on the cases and handling of corporate problems in the seminar by Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association Legal Research Institute Corporate Law Study Group
Member of Nippon Professional Baseball Agreement Amendment Committee

Major Publications

Drone no businessriyounituite shitteokubeki houtekimondai
The issue of drone bussiness
Yuichiro Shimma et al., Hot Press (2017)

Nichibeiniokeru eigyohimitu wo meguru saikinno houkisei no jyokyo
Recent regulations regarding trade secrets in Japan and U.S.
Yuichiro Shimma et al.,Business law journal, Vol.104 (2016)

Gorinnimukete jyuyoukakudai minpakusa-bisu no genjyo
Current status of private lodging business
Yuichiro Shimma, Businesshoumu, Vol.16/No.3 (2016)

Q&A ruijihin wo mitsuketabaai no taiou
Q&A practice of anti-counrterfeiting
Yuichiro Shimma, Business law journal, Vol.94 (2015)

Beikokuniokeru patentotororu wo meguru kinji no joukyou oyobi houkaiseinituite
Current Status of Patent Reform Taking aim at Patent Troll
Yuichiro Shimma, Hot Press (2014)

Jitsumuminjisosyoukouza (3rd edition) Vol.4 Minjisyoukohou
The Practice of Civil Procedure – Evidence
Yuichiro Shimma et al.(2012)

Business method no Tokkyotekikakuseinikansuru America Renpousaikousaihanketsu Bilski v. Kappos,_U.S._ (2010)

Patent eligibility of Business Method, Bilski v. Kappos, _U.S._ (2010)
Yuichiro Shimma et al., NBl, Vol.939 (2010)

18nosaibanreikara himitsukanriseiwobunseki himitsujouhounohogonikansuruhandanyouso
“secrecy”-the requirement for protection of trade secret 18-case analysis
Yuichiro Shimma et al., Business law journal, Vol.27 (2010)

Kigyoufusyouuji to Taiou-Jireikensyou
Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association Legal Research Series No.1
Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association Legal Research Institute Corporate Law Study Group (2009)

Chosakukenshingaino houjosya(karaoke lease gaisya) no chosakukenshingainiyoru baisyousekinin

Copyright Infringement Liability by a Facilitator of the Infringement (a karaoke rental service)
in Kigyohoumuhanrei Case Study 300 Kigyoutorihiki Chitekizaisankenhen, Yuichiro Shimma (2007)


American Bar Association

The Copyright Law Association of Japan

Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association Legal Research Institute
– Corporate Law Study Group
– Sports Law Study Group