Haruaki Murao

Career History

Guest Professor of Osaka University
Judicial intern to Honorable Judge R.R. Rader in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit
Admitted to practice law in New York State
Graduated from New York University School of Law (LL.M.)
Visiting Attorney at Foley & Lardner (IP Litigation)
Joined Tokei Partners (Formerly Okazaki, Ohashi & Maeda)
The Legal Training and Research Institute of the Supreme Court of Japan
Graduated from University of Tokyo Faculty of Law (Private Law Course, LL.B.)

Practice Areas・Major Professional Experiences

Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Intellectual Property Law, Information Law, and Litigation

Member of AI Research Committee of Software Information Center (SOFTIC)
Member of Open Source Software Research Committee of SOFTIC
Outside director of GMO Media Inc.
Chairperson of New Business and Japanese Copyright Research Committee of SOFTIC
Lecturer of International Licensing Agreement Course of the Japan Intellectual Property Association
Member of working group of rules of Electronic Commerce and Information Property Trading issued by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Lecturer of Intellectual Property Law of IP Analyst Course of the Association of Intellectual Property Education
A panel member of Copyright Symposium of Osaka University Intellectual Property Center
Member of the New Network Business Legal Issue Research Committee of SOFTIC
Member of Information Service and Software Transaction Expansion Research Committee of SOFTIC
Lecturer at Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (Civil law)
Speaker at WIPO Asia-Pacific Regional Symposium
Member of the Software ADR Promotion Committee of SOFTIC
Member of the Content Distribution Platform Research Committee of Digital Content Association of Japan (DCAJ)
Member of the Proper Transaction of Software Examination Committee of SOFTIC
Member of Nippon Professional Baseball Agreement Amendment Committee

Major Publications

Kikaigakusyu no gakusyukekka wo riyoushita Cloudgata software niokeru shingaiseihi
Infringement case for Cloud Software Using Results of Machine Learning
Haruaki Murao, Intellectual Property Management, Vol.68, No.8, 1066 (2018)

Computer Kanrenhatsumei ni tsuite chusyoutekina idea ni atari mukoutoshita Genshinhanketsu wo ijishita CLS Jiken CAFC Daihoutei Hanketsu
Patent eligibility of computer related invention, CLS Bank Int’l v. Alice Corp.,_F.3d_(Fed.Cir.2013)
Haruaki Murao et al., NBL, Vol.1003 (2013)

Business method no Tokkyotekikakuseinikansuru America Renpousaikousaihanketsu Bilski v. Kappos, _U.S._ (2010)
Patent eligibility of Business Method, Bilski v. Kappos, _U.S._ (2010)
Haruaki Murao et al., NBL, Vol.939 (2010)

18nosaibanreikara himitsukanriseiwobunseki himitsujouhounohogonikansuruhandanyouso
“secrecy”-the requirement for protection of trade secret 18-case analysis
Haruaki Murao et al., Business law journal, Vol.27 (2010)

IT Vendor versus User: Systemkaihatsutorihikiwomegurufunso-saibanreikaramita funsouruikei
IT vendor versus User: Typical troubles of system development
Haruaki Murao et al., Business law journal, Vol.26 (2010)

America Tokkyohou niokeru syoujinhourino tenkai – Quanta Computer v. LG Electronics Renpousaikousai Hanketsu
Development of Exhaustion Doctrine in the U.S. Patent Law – the U.S. Supreme Court Decision in Quanta Computer v. LG Electronics
Haruaki Murao, NBL, Vol. 887 (2008)

Konnatokidousuru Kaisyayakuin no Sekinin Q&A
Corporate Directors’ Liabilities
Haruaki Murao et al. (2006)

Himitsuhojikeiyaku ni yoru himitsujouhou no hogo
Protection of Confidential Information Through Confidentiality Agreements
Haruaki Murao, Intellectual Property Management, Vol.55, No.6 (2005)


The Copyright Law Association of Japan

Law and Computers Association of Japan

Information Network Law Association

American Intellectual Property Law Association

Japan Federation of Bar Associations Legal Ethics Committee

Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association Legal Research Institute
– Intellectual Property Law Study Group
– Sports Law Study Group